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Picture as of October 2002Taken October 2002 (Click to enlarge).

As of 2002 I have owned this 1991 MR2 turbo for 7 years and love it!  Over the years, I've learned a good deal about the car and hope to share what I've learned here.  One thing is for certain, I LOVE Boost!  Please select from the left frame. 

Current Modifications


  • K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit (FIPK) - ie cone filter intake.
  • 3" Custom exhaust.  2nd cat removed, primary gutted.
  • Greddy Intercooler
  • Performance Techniques upgraded CT-26 turbo using a TO4E-50 wheel.
  • APEXi AVC-R boost controller (old style).
  • APEXi S-AFC (new style).
  • Supra Twin Turbo fuel injectors (550cc/min).
  • Blitz Blow off valve vented back to intake - sound of valve vented to atmosphere during acceleration.
  • Do It Yourself water injection.
  • MSD 6a ignition box


  • Eibach springs (pro kit)
  • Tokico 5 way adjustable struts (set to 4 in front, 3 in back).
  • SSR Integrals (17x7 front 17x8 rear)
  • 215/40R17 front and 235/40 R17 rear.


  • Duel EGT gauge monitoring #3 and #4 cylinders.  Probes taped into stock exhaust manifold.
  • VDO oil temperature gauge
  • Water pressure from water injection system
  • Solenoid one on LED
  • Solenoid two on LED
  • Pump on LED
  • Tank low LED

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