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Dyno Day 2007

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Dyno Day 2007 - Extreme Motorsports

Dyno Video- Right Click and Save to View
Just Joe's MR2 Dyno Video - Right Click and Save to View

Attended a dyno day on November 11th 2007. I had just 'finished' street tuning the AEM EMS. The GTech meter was showing 304HP to the wheels. With the same tune (but a much cooler day), I went to a dyno to see how the results compared.
AEM Calibration file.
Current relavent modifications:

  • 540cc/min injections from a Toyota Supra
  • Greddy Intercooler
  • T3/T4 50trim Garret turbocharger
  • K&N Intake
  • 17.5psi of boost

The AFR's on the dyno matched well with the LC-1 Innovative wideband kit.

GTech Data:

Dyno Data:

Overall, I'm pleased - the GTech meter even shows the ignition breaking up in the upper RPM ranges. Looks like I need to run a smaller gap, or cleaner plugs.